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A high degree of transparency and reliably reproducible production processes have a high priority at RSG. Therefore, the securing of continuous traceability is mandatory. Thanks to the used ITAC software we can in addition to a seamless production history from goods receipt to shipping (locking of individual operations) in the database ensure an exact limitation on production batch and operation.

Furthermore, crucial for our way of working and dealing with the trust our customers is the open book calculation. By disclosing our cost structures and the visible cost items we offer our customers a significant price advantage – and the awareness of having the right partner on the side.


QUALITY CONTROL – ISO / TS 16949:2009 AND ISO 9001:2008

RSG Elotech is certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009.

RSG has at it's disposal the Know-How, the equipment and the specialists to produce high quality products. The quality assurance is starting at the supplier and is integrated in all manufacturing steps.

Important points for the product quality are the high quality knowledge and the motivation of our employees.

With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy
With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

Using a QR code scanner app on your device, you can scan the image to the left and go straight to this site on our website.